Frequently Asked Questions

Did you take all of these photos in your blog?

  • No! None of these images are taken by meYou can find the names of the photographers below the posts. (See credits)  All images and content on Fotojournalismus are readily available on the Internet.

Are you a photojournalist/journalist, too?

  • NO, I’M NOT. I’m just a university student, but neither in journalism nor photojournalism.

Where did you find your display/profile picture?

Where are you from? Are you from Germany?
  • I don’t answer questions about my very personal information. // No, I’m not German. There is no reason for using “fotojournalismus” as the name of my blog.

Your posts seem very biased and anti-Israel.

Which school for photojournalism/journalism is the best? Where should I study? etc.
  • Since both photojournalism and journalism are not my professions, I prefer NOT to advise/recommend anything about such an important decision in your life. Nope, sorry.
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If you have any other questions, always feel free to ask, I don’t bite. You can also email me at