you're posting a lot about the palestinian children that have been wounded by israel's defense, and that's fine. but why haven't you posted much, if anything about the wounded in israel?? they are the ones who are being bombed daily, at least israel is targeting specific locations, not civilians on purpose.

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I don’t think I post “a lot”, but it’s okay anyway. Israel is targeting “spesific locations”? If so, why would those children have been wounded for instance? Of course, Israeli government might be declare them as so-called terrorists, too. But whatever, I’m saying the same thing again which I’ve already said before, those pictures are serviced by agencies. There are full of pictures of wounded Palestinian children, damaged or destroyed houses in Palestine or mourning Palestinian people… "Eighteen of the Palestinians killed since fighting flared on Friday were identified by medical officials as militants and five as civilians. At least 74 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and three Israelis have been wounded in the past four days." And I’m sorry, I’ve never seen those 3 Israeli wounded people’s pictures yet!

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