Childbirth in Yida - Born Refugee

Toma Tutu Jama, 42 year old is refugee from Nuba Moutains, Sudan. She walked to Yida refugee camp in South Sudan to avoid the bombing and shellings from the Sudanese Army and that are happening in South Kordofan, country located at the border between Sudan and South Sudan. Toma Tutu Jama is about to give birth to her 4th baby at the IRC centre for women and girls at Yida refugee camp, South Sudan. 393 babies were safely delivered in the centre in the last six months. one in seven south sudanese woman is to die while pregnant or during childbirth. Maternal death is the biggest threat to women’s life in South Sudan, with the higgest rate reported in the world with 2,000 women die for every 100,000 live births. Nevertheless this figure is likely to be lowered than the reality as many maternal deaths go unreported. The maternal death rates are related to infections (from puerperal fever and retained placenta), hemorrhaging, or obstructed births, with a lack of infrastructure which makes access to healthcare facilities more complicated and play a large role in their deaths. Their babies are also at risk and 25% die from common, often curable childhood illnesses before they reach their fifth birthday.

by Camille Lepage |

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